Who we are

Sequoia stands out by continually seeking continuous improvement in Logistics and Transportation services. Consisting of unified consolidated brands in the market such as Completa Logística, a company spe‐ cialized in e-commerce and Celote – Centro Logístico Têxtil, Sequoia is recognized for its ability to deliver more. Developing complete and integrated solutions for outstanding brands, many of them, leaders in its segments, Sequoia has solid and differentiated expertise in e-commerce, Education and Fashion & Retail, counting on Brazil’s largest roaming fleet.

With technical expertise and the expertise of the companies that contributed to its success story, Sequoia has unified all of its operations, further enhancing its ability to supply the market with solutions that make a difference.

Our concept of acting is to make the sum of the parts always greater than the whole. More than specialized storage, handling, picking, packing, shipping, door-to-door, courier, squeegee and stocking services, Sequoia’s solutions provide more savings, efficiency and profitability for your business. Valuing excellence in everything it does, Sequoia creates new possibilities for expansion. Not just for our operations, but also for your company. So you can stay focused on your business to evolve continuously.

We always deliver more.

Sequoia's differential is in delivering more

Built on a solid foundation in the Integrated Logistics and Inventory and Distribution Management segment, Sequoia Soluções Logísticas has differentiators that significantly contribute to the evolution of your company. This way, you do not have to worry about your distribution processes or the scalability and management of them, and you can stay focused on the profitability of your business. Our differentials reinforce our commitment to deliver more and seek even more efficient solutions for our customers and partners.


Success story in fractional logistics


The only integrated e-commerce and retail player


Expertise in key sectors of the economy, such as education, e-commerce, fashion & retail.


Automation of processes and services


Absolute transparency


Qualified and experienced team throughout the distribution chain


Operational Flexibility


Customizing projects with solutions that provide more savings and profitability for our customers


Building strong and lasting relationships


WMS and TMS systems for efficient storage and transport management


State-of-the-art technology


Specialized Divisions: all the know-how and expertise Sequoia at the service of your company

Sequoia has knowledge and technical expertise in key segments of the economy. With specialized divisions in the Education, e-commerce and Moda & Retail segments, we create differentiators that collaborate to further enhance the efficiency and profitability of your company.

Educational Division

Teaching and Culture are some of the most important agents of the evolution of society and the economy of our country. Paying special attention to this segment, Sequoia operates in synchronicity with the educational calendar, with the teaching network and with the capillarity of the retail of textbooks, literature and diversified publications.
The Sequoia Educational Division represents the dedication of our company in the dissemination of knowledge and culture throughout Brazil.

E-commerce division

With specialized logistics solutions in e-commerce, Sequoia has complete knowledge and experience in order management in online sales.
Using WMS technology integrated with our customers’ ERP, Sequoia develops storage and warehousing projects, ensuring absolute inventory control, with special care in the packaging, storage and transportation of high value-added goods such as consumer electronics and equipment.

Fashion & Retail Division

In this highly competitive segment comprised of large players and a dynamic that anticipates consumer trends, Sequoia has developed complete solutions for the textile and retailing of Fashion. Solutions include:

  • Customization of garments (application of price tags, nationalization and alarms, hangers, grid assembly)
  • Reception, quality control, warehousing, separation, packing, shipping and transport to stores / Distribution Centers
  • 100% screened fleet adapted for the loading and transport of products already packed in hangers, ready for storage and / or commercialization in the retail network


Create and execute the best logistics solution for our customers.


To be recognized as the best specialized multi-channel logistics service solution for the Brazilian consumer market.


We are an integral and fundamental part of our  clients’ lives.

We like what we do and commit to the outcome

We execute with excellence and respond to demands with flexibility

Everything we do happens in teams, which respecteach other and operate to deliverthe agreed

The development of people is what allows the development of Sequoia

We transform our business by innovatingand promoting sustainability